Monday, May 5, 2014

EZ-Flap Handle for the Skyhawk


I just want to give you a little insight into my first experience using the new flap handle. 

First!!! absolutely sit in the plane and get comfortable with the handle. Sit in the plane like you would if you were flying it, and extend and retract the flaps. I think you will find that it is very comfortable using the handle for 10 and 20 degree's. For those of us with a longer reach, you may find it easier to place you hand on the old flap handle for 30 and 40 degrees of flaps. 

Second: I would do a little slow flight and practice extending the flaps using the new flap handle BEFORE you get in the pattern!!!! Remember, when you are sitting on the ground lowering the flaps, you will not have any wind resistance against the flaps so they will be very easy to extend.

I on my first landing attempt, the first notch of flaps was easy and the handle allowed me to stay seated normally (No more leaning forward or having lose straps). However, I found that I was not releasing the button for the 2nd and 3rd notch of flaps because I was applying more gripping force (due to wind force on the flaps) and pulling on the handle in the same direction as I was squeezing the button (you will see what I mean when you use it in flight) - this caused me to hunt for the 2nd and 3rd degree of flaps. Also, you will most likely find that you will need to use the old flap handle if you need that last notch of flaps (40 degrees).

Again, just take a little time to practice with the new handle and I think you find it really does make your workload easier. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me.

Dave M.

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